Salvation Prayer

We are entering new territory with our oldest right now.  She is just about six and has been asking a ton of questions recently about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian.  On Monday, my husband took the kids on a walk on the beach.  This is a fairly normal occurrence; they often do this in the evening to give me some time alone and also to talk and goof off.

On this most recent walk, however, my daughter was asking more questions and my husband told her about the prayer he prayed when he became a Christian.  She immediately said that she wanted to say that prayer too.  They stopped and said the Salvation Prayer.  When they came home, my daughter immediately ran to me and with the biggest smile on her face told me that she was a Christian now.

I am beyond happy for her (except for conflicting feelings about not being there when it happened, a topic for another post) and we are now beginning the process of learning what the next steps are for her.  Our church does baptisms once a person decides to follow Jesus, but we are not sure yet what they will say about someone so young.  We have a booklet from our friend, who is on staff at the church, on baptism to go through with her, so we are going to start with that.