The kids and I watched Ant-Man, the next movie in our Marvel marathon.  They made it through about half and then lost some interest, but I finished it this morning and really liked it.  Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, who gets roped into a scheme to stop Darren Cross from selling dangerous technology to Hydra.  He must wear the Ant-Man suit, shrink down and essentially stop the sale.  Michael Douglas plays Hank Pym, the inventor of the technology and Evangeline Lilly plays his daughter, Hope, who also serves as a love interest for Scott.

The action is good and the movie serves its purpose to set up Ant-Man has a possible ally to the Avengers in later films.  The end credit scenes both hint at Hope donning a suit of her own and Ant-Man being called in to help the Avengers.



After having enjoyed The Florida Project so much, I thought I would go back and watch the director’s previous film, Tangerine, which I found on Netflix.  The movie follows a several characters in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, two transgender prostitutes and an Armenian taxi driver.  Shot only on an iPhone, the movie just follows the characters around on their day.  One prostitute has just been released from jail and is intent on finding her boyfriend who has been cheating on her and teaching him a lesson.  Another is preparing for a show, and the cab driver just seems to want an escape from his family.

Like The Florida Project, this movie is a slice of life with deep and real characters and I enjoyed getting to know them.

The Beguiled

On the same airplane, I also checked out The Beguiled, Sofia Coppola’s latest film.  I generally like her projects and I was excited to watch this one.  Colin Farrell plays a Yankee soldier during the Civil War who is taken in by a southern girls’ school run by Nicole Kidman.  Kirsten Dunst is a teacher there and Elle Fanning is one of the students.

The film is gorgeous – you really feel like you are in Virginia in the heat and humidity.  The characters are not as rich however; all of them seem to become entranced by Farrell’s character as he begins to manipulate each of them.  Maybe their isolation made them not think as clearly as they should, but I couldn’t understand some of their decision making.  The climatic scene did provide some needed drama toward the end however.

The Big Sick

I was on another airplane and had a great selection of movies to choice from this time, so I picked The Big Sick, which I had wanted to see.  It is based on the true story of how comic Kumail Nanjiani met his wife, Emily.  They begin dating and the first part of the movie unfolds much like a typical romantic comedy.  They have a pretty big fight and break up.  Shortly after that, Emily is hospitalized and put into a coma.  Kumail rushes to be with her and develops a relationship with her out of town parents during her sickness.  What will happen with Emily wakes up and starts to recover?

This movie is hysterical and sweet and everything that a romantic comedy should be.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

I saw this movie last week not knowing very much about it – only that it had decent reviews and that it was about the creator of Wonder Woman.  It was completely different than what I was expecting, but I did enjoy the characters.

William Marston is a Harvard professor of psychology and has invented the lie detector along with this PhD wife.  They both become intrigued with a female student and soon the three enter into a taboo romantic relationship.  Marston eventually draws his idea for the Wonder Woman comic from these relationships.  Most of the movie focuses on the personal lives of the family – they ultimately have children – and not on the comic book aspect.  As their relationship is strongly frowned upon, they often face challenges in trying to live normal lives.  While the subject matter isn’t something I would normally go for, I did appreciate learning about this piece of history and I thought the acting was quite good.

The Florida Project

I saw The Florida Project today, written and directed by Sean Baker and loved loved loved this movie.  I am still thinking about it, which means it really made an impact.  The movie tells the story of Moonee, a six year-old girl who lives with her mother in a motel on the outskirts of Disney World.  It is summer and she runs around with her friends, getting into mischief and sometimes even more trouble.  There are parts of the movie that are completely heartbreaking as they try to make ends meet to stay in the motel.  The acting is superb and I completely disappeared into the lives of these characters.  Definitely go see this one.

Blade Runner 2049

Okay, so I watched the new Blade Runner 2049 in the movie theatre on Monday and I really liked this one.  I am so glad that I watched the original first because this was definitely a sequel.  I actually liked this one better than the first and the look of the movie is visually stunning.  I really like the whole world and I definitely feel immersed in this version of the future.

Ryan Gosling plays K, a blade runner who is also a replicant.  He is assigned to hunt down old model replicants and also to uncover the mystery of a replicant assumed to have been born, not created.  His investigation leads him to Harrison Ford’s character from the first movie and other call backs to the original.  Even at the long run time (almost 3 hours!), the movie kept my interest and it was a great time.