The Circle

I kind of wanted to see the new movie The Circle with Emma Watson, but I generally like to read the book first.   Published in 2013 and written by Dave Eggers, The Circle tells the story of Mae, young professional who gets a job with a large technology company, The Circle.  The company is a mix of Google, Facebook, PayPal and pretty much any other social media website you can think of.  Basically, they control everything.

Mae is fascinated by the people who work there and the new projects they are developing.  She becomes more and more sucked in to the philosophy they adhere to even as it appears the world’s privacy rights are about to be stripped away.  Mae’s relationships between her family, friends and a potential love interest become strained as well.

I read through this book quickly because I really wanted to know what would happened at the end and if the Circle’s plan for total world domination would work.  I only wish Mae had been a more sympathetic character and with a little more conviction.


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