Stitch Fix #8 – March 2017

Since my last Stitch Fix box was so good, I decided to order another one last month to see if I would get anything amazing.

If you are curious, here’s how it works: for $20, you get a personal stylist and fill out a questionnaire and then they send you 5 items to try on.  You can keep one, all, or even none and the $20 applies to any purchase.  Shipping is free, as is the return postage.  If you are also intrigued, you can try it: here.

Here is what I got in this month’s box:

1. Skies are Blue Neriah Cotton Cargo Jacket – $68.00


I was not a fan of this one.  The color was blah and the material seemed cheap and the style was not very flattering.

2. Market & Spruce Mireille Embroidered Dress – $68.00


I liked this one, but have received a similar one in a past box and couldn’t rationalize keeping something so similar.

3. Skies are Blue Colina Mix Material Knit Top – $48.00


Winner, winner!  This is why I love Stitch Fix.  I probably wouldn’t have picked this top out on my own, but it is super cute and flattering.  There is a shear part on the back and when paired with a black bra, is a little sexy for a night out with jeans and heels.

4. Loveappella Aleena Knit Romper – $64.00


This romper did really not fit very well.  The torso was cut short and so the crotch area was up pretty high and was not comfortable.  I also feel like the top part is not super flattering to my figure and actually made me look a little bigger than I am.  I really would love a well fitting romper for the summer and actually requested one in my next box, so hopefully, I will have better luck.

5. Liverpool Cortland Cuffed Linen Short – $68.00


These shorts are great and I am definitely keeping them.  The linen is soft and the olive green is versatile.  Shorts are sometimes hard to find, so these are a great pick.

Overall, this box had it’s hits and misses.  I really like the two items that I kept, but wasn’t crazy about the other selections.  If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix out for yourself, check out the  referral link: Click here to try Stitch Fix!



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