Iron Man 2

The kids and I just finished Iron Man 2, the next movie in our Marvel Cinematic Universe re-watch.  I had seen this when it came out and the kids really enjoyed Iron Man 1, so I thought it would be a good choice.

This time Tony Stark’s health is failing and he has to come up with a solution for his blood poisoning.  He also must face off with a new enemy, played by Mickey Rourke, and funded by a rival weapons maker.  Gwyneth Paltrow is back as his love interest, Pepper Potts and Scarlett Johansen is introduced as Black Widow.  There are a couple of Easter Eggs, such as Tony finding Captain America’s shield and the teaser scene at the end showing Thor’s hammer.

While I liked Iron Man 2, it wasn’t quite as good as the first one.  My daughter wants to point out that Tony and Pepper kissed in this one (she’s seven).  My son thought the car chase scene was cool and when he stepped into a suitcase that turned him into Iron Man (he’s five).  Overall, it was a good family pick.  Up next…Thor!


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