The Incredible Hulk

We watched The Incredible Hulk this afternoon, which is the second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The kids have been into Iron Man recently after having watched the first film and I thought it was time to move onto the second one.  I had remembered seeing this around the time it came out in theaters in 2008, but had not watched it since then.

The Incredible Hulk tells the story of Bruce Banner, played by Edward Norton, in hiding after having been turned into the Hulk after a failed Gamma Ray experiment.  He is trying to find a cure for himself and is tracked down by the government who wants to use him to create additional weapons like him.  Bruce meets up with his old girlfriend, Betty Ross, played by Liv Tyler and is pulled back into the government scheme to fight the Abomination.  Bruce eventually defeats him and escapes.  The final scene shows Tony Stark meeting with the general about putting together a team.

I thought the movie was entertaining enough, although it did not hold the kids’ interest.  They disappeared about 40 minutes into it.  My daughter said she much preferred Iron Man.  Iron Man 2 is up next on the list, so we will see how that goes.


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