The Animators

I finished The Animators on an airplane recently.  It was released earlier this year and is by Kayla Rae Whitaker.  The Animators follows two young women animators, Sharon and Mel, from their meeting in college throughout the release of their first movie success and the process of developing their followup.  When Sharon suffers a stroke, they travel back to her hometown to uncover certain aspects of Sharon’s past that Mel thinks would make a good movie.

While the book does touch on some romantic relationships, the primary relationship of the book is between Sharon and Mel.  Theirs is a sort of co-dependency that veers into the unhealthy.  They are so entwined in each other’s lives that it is difficult for them to focus on anything else, especially when they are creatively working.

The book is certainly interesting and the storyline keeps the read engaged.  Ultimately, however, the characters were a little too damaged for me to identify with them and really become invested.


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