My husband and I watched Moonlight last night.  This movie came out last year and is now nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture.  It is about a young African-American boy, Chiron, growing up in Miami.  The movie is divided into three parts, following him from a young boy, to a teenager and to a young adult.

A first Chiron is withdrawn and is bullied.  He is befriended by a kind drug dealer and his girlfriend and tries to escape the wrath of his drug addicted mother.  As a teen, Chiron struggles with his emerging feelings of being gay and toward his childhood friend, Kevin.  He also finally sticks up for himself against a bully.  As an adult, Kevin calls him out of the blue and they meet up after years apart.

I think I preferred the first and second parts of the movie, but overall, it was a really powerful story. Especially heartbreaking was Chiron’s relationship with his mother and how that affected the rest of his life.


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