Devil’s Advocate

Okay, I just finished the second X-Files Origin’s book, Devil’s Advocate, which focused on a teenage Dana Scully.  Agent of Chaos was the first book, where a young Fox Mulder solved a mystery in his town with his friends.

Devil’s Advocate starts with introducing Dana Scully as somewhere of an outsider in her new town.  She has been having strange dreams and visions.  The plot begins slowly, but eventually picks up and becomes a very exciting thriller.  Scully becomes a key witness when several high schoolers are killed and she starts having visions of them.  She doesn’t know where the visions are coming from – are they from an angel or something more sinister?

It was fun to read about the characters from the show, including Melissa, her sister, her parents and her high school boyfriend, Ethan, who was mentioned in passing in one of the episodes.  Like I wrote about Agent of Chaos, this book will definitely be entertaining to fans of the show.


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