The Girl on the Train

We watched The Girl on the Train the other night.  I had read the book and had enjoyed it (not as much as Gone Girl, which it is often compared to) and thought Emily Blunt was an interesting choice for the main character of Rachel.

Rachel is an alcoholic who is spiraling out of control after a divorce, loss of job and begins to watch her former husband, his new wife and family as their attractive neighbors everyday from a train.  One day the neighbor disappears and Rachel must try to put together things she has seen to figure out what happened to her.

The movie is not uplifting and pretty much all of the characters are horrible people.  Emily Blunt’s acting is quite good and she really had to go there playing someone who is so clearly a depressed alcoholic.  The twist at the end is not as satisfying as Gone Girl and ultimately, the book is probably a little better.


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