Airplane Movies

Another set of airplane rides, more movies!  The only good thing about having your flight be delayed for hours (while you are already on the airplane and on the tarmac) are the free movies.  I saw five, if that tells you anything.

Two I had already seen but needed some comfort viewing after the ordeal – Pretty Woman (always a good pick) and Groundhog Day (also good, but I did doze during the middle).

Of the new ones, I first watched Star Trek Beyond.  I had enjoyed the first reboot, and half watched the second film.  This one was tolerable, but I didn’t really care about any of the characters enough to connect with them and care about what happened too much.  Some of the set pieces and action are amazing and it was an okay way to pass some of the time.

Next, I watched Ex Machina.  I had really wanted to see this one, but my husband said he had no interest in a “robot movie.”  I am still thinking about this one.  The story follows a young tech employee, Caleb, who is chosen for a retreat with the mysterious CEO, Nathan, in a remote house.  When Caleb arrives, he learns he is to help test a new product, an AI robot and determine if it can pass as having consciousness.  Caleb, meets with Ava, and finds that not only does she pass all of the tests, but he finds himself becoming more and more attracted to her.  SPOILERS AHEAD – Caleb and Ava plot to help her escape and the climax of the movie ends with Ava killing Nathan and locking Caleb in the house as she leaves, trapping him to die as well.  Crazy stuff, but so good.  Like I said, I am still thinking about that ending.

On the flight home, I watched Love and Friendship, based on a Jane Austen novella and starring Kate Beckinsale.  I am a sucker for anything Jane Austen and while the story isn’t quite as good as her more well-known works, the movie was clever and extremely enjoyable.  Beckinsale plays Lady Susan, a widow and mother who schemes and plots throughout the movie for both herself and for her daughter.  The side characters are great as well, especially Sir James who is completely clueless in all aspects of life.  It was a good fix for Jane Austen fans.


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