The Thousandth Floor

I finished The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee tonight, which is a YA novel about a 1000 story building in futuristic New York.  The story follows a handful of high school characters, mostly uber wealthy and their drama.  The books begins with the death of one of the characters falling from the top of the building and then flashes backward.  At the very end, we learn who and why.  The book ends rather quickly and I am sure that this will be a series.  In fact, a Google search revealed that this book is also in development as a television series, so there you go.

Most of the characters are actually pretty compelling.  They each have a tragic backstory and I definitely wanted to know what happened to each of them.  I can totally see this as a TV series and it reminded me strongly of Gossip Girl.  It was a quick read and perfectly enjoyable as fluff.


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