So pretty much the only movies we actually see in the theatre anymore are kids’ movies.  I try to only go see the ones that are going to be good (sorry, Trolls, you can wait for dvd), so the day it opened my parents and I took the kids to see Moana.  We had seen the extended preview a few times at Disneyland and were excited because it looked awesome.  We were not disappointed.

Moana is a young girl who discovers she has been chosen to fulfill a prophesy of her people and restore an ancient relic to a goddess.  Along the way she meets Maui, a demigod to help her.  The songs are catchy and Moana is definitely winsome and is a good role model for the kids.  The animation is beautiful, especially the water scenes.  I think adults will enjoy this movie just as much as kids would.


Stitch Fix #6 – November 2016

I got an email recently from Stitch Fix that the normal $20 stylist fee would be waived for a year for me.  I hadn’t ordered anything in awhile, so decided to try it again.  Here is how Stitch Fix  works: for $20 (which is applied to anything you would buy), your personal stylist will send you five items to try on.  You pay for what you keep and send everything else bag in a prepaid shipping envelope.  Super easy!  If you want to try it for yourself, you can click here.

Here is what was in this box:

  1. Bay to Baubles Teddy Pave Circle Pendant – $28IMG_3002.jpg

This is not really my jewelry style and it’s a little big for my taste.  I think from now on, I will request no jewelry be sent in the box.  I am just too picky…haha.

2.  Market & Spruce Brookline Mix Material Sweater – $74



I took two pictures of this one because it’s the back that it pretty interesting.  It’s an open zipper back that has a light layer underneath.  It’s pretty cozy and I am on the fence on this one.  Update – the fact that I have 4 black sweaters in my closet makes me say no.

3. MTLA Jino Open Cardigan $58


I really like this.  It’s super soft and comfortable.  I got something similar in my very first box that I wear all of the time.  For that reason only, this is a pass.

4. RD Style Pamella Sweater Dress $88

IMG_2990 (1).jpg

Yes!  This is perfect.  It’s a sweater, so it is casual enough to wear around during the day, but I could definitely dress this up too.  I really like the way it flares out at the bottom.

5. Edyson Hampton Corduroy Skinny Jean $68


I love these pants too!  I have a pair of skinny red jeans that I got at Old Navy for super cheap several years ago, but they also get really loose in the waist and end up falling done midway through the day and I keep having to pull them up.  These are a perfect replacement and the material is really soft.

Well, two of the five is pretty good and I liked the other two clothing items quite a bit.  I may have to order another box sometime during this stylist fee waiver period.  If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, here is a link.

The Thousandth Floor

I finished The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee tonight, which is a YA novel about a 1000 story building in futuristic New York.  The story follows a handful of high school characters, mostly uber wealthy and their drama.  The books begins with the death of one of the characters falling from the top of the building and then flashes backward.  At the very end, we learn who and why.  The book ends rather quickly and I am sure that this will be a series.  In fact, a Google search revealed that this book is also in development as a television series, so there you go.

Most of the characters are actually pretty compelling.  They each have a tragic backstory and I definitely wanted to know what happened to each of them.  I can totally see this as a TV series and it reminded me strongly of Gossip Girl.  It was a quick read and perfectly enjoyable as fluff.