Truly Madly Guilty

I read Liane Moriarty’s last book Big Little Lies (see my review here) so when her new one came out this summer with a lot of buzz, I was excited to see where it went.  It basically follows the same idea as Big Little Lies: there is some sort of a tragedy and then the plot jumps from the past to the present and back again to let the audience know what actually happened.

The book follows three couples during the aftermath of a barbecue gone wrong, when one of the children nearly drowns in a fountain.  None of the characters are particularly likable and as a parent of a young child, it was almost sickening how none of them were paying attention at the time of the accident.  The final revelation of what really happened (SPOILER ALERT) and the fact that her older sister pushed her into the fountain out of anger was the last straw for me.  Even the children weren’t likable.