My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Another airplane, another movie.  In my quest to find a decent romantic comedy, I tried My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.  I really enjoyed the first one and found it sweet and charming.  This one attempts to capture the magic, but it is not as sweet and charming.  Nia Vardalos is back as Toula, married to John Corbett’s Ian, and they now have a 17 year-old daughter, Paris.  Toula is still incredibly involved in her Greek family’s life.

The movie revolves around the wedding of Toula’s parents after it is discovered that they were never actually married.  Toula is also trying to rekindle the romance with Ian, and Paris is choosing whether to stay or go away to college.  All of the extended family members are back in this story, although some of the idiosyncrasies that were charming in the first film seem merely annoying here.  Toula’s father in particular here seems unloving toward her mother for the majority of the movie.  The movie certainly passed the time on the airplane, but I would skip this one and just re-watch the original.


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