The Singles Game

Lauren Weisberger, author of The Devil Wears Prada, recently released her new book, the Singles Game about Charlie Silver, a professional tennis player.  I love love love tennis and so thought this book would be right up my “alley.”  Sorry, that was bad.  I definitely enjoyed the book.  It was a quick read and although not deep literature, by any means, I liked the tennis aspects of the story and following Charlie through the year after she had a bad injury on the court.

There is of course a love interest that is no good for her and a better one waiting in the wings that she can’t quite recognize, but the audience can a million miles away.  Those are not the strongest aspects of the story.  I could probably read an entire book just about the tennis matches, but I understand why most people would want the romance thrown in there as well.

The Singles Game is a great summer read, especially if you like tennis or are a fan of Weisberger’s other books.


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