Number nine on the AFI list was Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock’s film from 1958.  I remember seeing parts of it when I was younger, but really didn’t remember anything about it. James Stewart plays Scottie, a retiring police detective whose old friend asks him to follow his wife, played by Kim Novak, who has been acting strangely.  Scottie suffers from a crippling fear of heights, which ultimately takes center stage at the film’s pivotal plot point at the top of a mission’s bell tower.

The movie wasn’t all that well received when it first came out, but over the years, it has been strongly acclaimed.  Hitchcock used an impressive visual effect with a dolly to show Scottie’s point of view looking down from great heights.  The major plot twist of the movie was surprising (I won’t give it away) and intriguing and the last shot of the movie leaves a little open to interpretation about what will happen to Scottie.  We both really enjoyed the movie and are looking forward to more Hitchcock in the future.

Number ten on the AFI list is The Wizard of Oz, which I have seen over 20 times, and my husband has seen it before, so we decided not to re-watch it.  The kids have watched it several times, so it’s been on in our house for the past few years.  It’s also one of my favorites though, and if for some reason, you haven’t ever seen it, I would strongly recommend it.


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