The Girls

I finished reading The Girls by Emma Cline, which came out this year. The books tells the story of a young teenager named Evie who meets and becomes infatuated with Suzanne, a member of a hippie cult.  The cult seems to be loosely based on Charles Manson.  The reader know at the beginning of the story that something horrible eventually happened, and that Evie wasn’t directly involved, and so the whole way through the book, I wondered what exactly happened and how did Evie escape.

Evie is drawn to the girls and to the cult because she is lacking something in her regular life.  Her parents are divorced and her mother is preoccupied with a new boyfriend.  Evie is growing apart from her best friend and she has a disappointing encounter with a boy.  All of these things contribute to her flirting with the cult and staying there were days at a time.

Toward the end of the story, when the night of the murders finally arises, Evie is literally in the car going to the house with several other people and only doesn’t make it there because Suzanne kicks her out of the car.  Evie as an adult still can’t seem to decide what made Suzanne do that or whether she would have participating in the murders had she not been left of the side of the road.  This is probably the most disturbing part of the story, that she was so enthralled with Suzanne that she may have gone along with anything.

The book definitely kept my attention throughout and was a good summer read.


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