Legoland California

After having thrown a giant birthday party for my daughter last month, we needed a break from parties and so we decided to do a weekend at Legoland for my son’s fifth birthday instead.  We drove down early on Saturday morning and checked into the Legoland Hotel.  We dropped off our bags since our room wasn’t ready yet and lined up for early access to the park.  Hotels guests can get in at 9:00 am, instead of 10:00 am and there are about six rides that are open during the hour.

We went straight to the newest ride, Ninjago, which is a little like Toy Story Mania at Disney.  You use your hands to shoot at enemies and wear 3-D glasses.  The kids loved it and we went on it four times over the whole weekend.  We were able to do pretty much all of the rides throughout the day and even took an afternoon break at the hotel pool to swim for awhile.  We went back to the park for dinner, a last ride and the 4-D show.

We stayed in a pirate themed room and the kids were in heaven.  There was a treasure chest that the kids had to figure out the code and then got to keep the Lego prizes inside.  They had bunkbeds in a separate alcove area and there was a large King bed in the main area of the room.  The theming was super cute.  The hotel’s elevator plays disco music when the doors close and it never got old for the kids.

We had breakfast at Bricks, which was the included buffet with the room.  The food was actually pretty good and there was plenty for everyone to choose from.  After using our early access hour, we went over to the water parks when they opened and spent most of the day going down the slides and watching the kids run around having a ball.  They are finally old enough that we can sit and watch them in an area without having to be right next to them 100 percent of the time.  Legoland is ideal for this age group and nothing was too overwhelming for them.

Everyone was pretty tired by mid-afternoon, so we got one last ice cream treat and drove home.  Both of the kids told us they had the best time and we have some great memories of our weekend away.


One thought on “Legoland California

  1. Sounds so fun! We are bringing our soon to be 7 year old (and 2 little ones) to celebrate next month for her birthday. We can’t wait! Thank you for your Legoland post.


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