So Close

I needed a slightly fluffier book after reading the last book from our book club, so I picked So Close, but Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, who also wrote the Nanny Diaries, which I enjoyed.  Their new book follows Amanda Lurker, a small town girl who falls into a job with Tom Davis, a rising politician.  The relationship Amanda develops with Tom’s wife, Lindsay is at the heart of the book, as Lindsay clearly becomes the surrogate mother figure that Amanda has always wanted.

There is also a romantic interest for Amanda, a wealthy guy named Pax, who I could never really tell if he was supposed to be “the one” for her.  I saw the plot line involving Davis as the politician who gets corrupted by the power he so desperately seeks coming from a mile away though.  Still, it is easy to want Amanda to succeed in her career ambitions and in her personal life.  She has many obstacles to overcome, including her lack of education and her messed up family life.  It is an easy and quick read and perfect for summer.


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