My daughter turned 7 a couple of weeks ago and her choice to celebrate as a family was to go to the movies.  Zootopia was at the discount theatre and she hadn’t seen it yet, so the four of us had an outing out to the movies.

The movie follows Judy Hops, a go-getter bunny who wants to become a police officer, even through bunnies have never held that job before because of their lack of size and strength.  She works hard through the police academy and is assigned a position in Zootopia city.  Unfortunately, everyone else on the police force is prejudiced again Judy from the start and she is assigned menial tasks.  It’s not until Judy falls into an adventure to solve the mystery of animals turning wild that she finally earns everyone’s respect and proves that you can be whoever who want to be.

The movie deftly dealt with issues of prejudice and stereotypes and my daughter came out of the movie clearly understanding the idea that she can be whoever she wants.  It also appealed to adults with some funny jokes and movie references.  I especially enjoyed the dancing tigers in the final credit sequence.  It was a great family movie choice.


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