After Visiting Friends

I just finished this memoir by Michael Hainey, which chronicled his journey to discover the circumstances around his father’s death when he was a child. Trained as a journalist, Hainley approaches it as an investigations and interviews numerous people from his father’s life. The ultimate revelation isn’t really a surprising one (you could see it coming), but the path to get there was interesting and enjoyable. 

There were so many people in the author’s life that kept secrets from about about that night. This is so different from my own family, which is so open and honest, but maybe this is a common theme in many families.  When he finally learns the truth, he wrestles back and forth in whether to tell his mother. What a difficult burden to bear. I found myself being thankful for my family and being able to grow up with both of my parents. I can only imagine needing to learn about a deceased parent in order to feel connected to them. While I normally don’t read memoirs very often, I enjoyed this one and would recommend it. 


Stitch Fix #4 – May 2016

After skipping last month, I was excited to get my Stitch Fix box in the mail today.  It was a solid box and I had specifically requested some items for an upcoming Greece trip, as well as some floral shorts I saw in the Stitch Fix email newsletter.  If you are curious about Stitch Fix, here is their website.

Here is what was in the box:

1. Look by M Marlene Striped Warp Scarf – $28


This scarf is really cute and soft, but since I live in a pretty warm climate and already have a scarf, I will pass on this one.

2. The Korner Naomi Gathered Neckline Silk Blouse – $98


I really like this blouse.  It’s silk and very well made. I had to put on a strapless bra to wear with it, but that’s not a deal breaker.  I am trying to decide on this…it’s a little pricey for a shirt I don’t really need.  Any thoughts on this one?

3. RD Style Vanessa Chambray Shirt Dress – $78


This one is a winner!  I will totally get a ton of use out of this, both on the trip and just around.  It’s soft and comfortable and coming to my closet.

4. Gilli Sebastian Maxi Dress – $78


This dress was a good fit, but is not my style.  I felt that it makes me look a little dowdy, so I won’t be keeping this one.

5. Level 99 Cindi Printed Linen Shorts – $78


These were the shorts I requested and I was not disappointed.  Super cute, good fit, yay!

If you want to check out Stitch Fix for yourself, click here.