Fates and Furies

My book club that’s not a book club chose Fates and Furies, by Lauren Groff, for our recent read. I had suggested it to the group not knowing anything about it, only that it had been on the best seller list last year. Boy, am I embarrassed now. It’s a group of Christian women from my life group and I cringed my way through this book. There is so much sexual content that does not really even advance the plot and both the main characters have very little to recommend them. 

The book is told in two parts: first from the point of view of Lotto, the husband, and then the second part of the book is from the perspective of Mathilde, the wife. I actually enjoyed the second half of the book more and thought Mathilde’s story was more interesting. The book details the ups and downs of their marriage and disfunctions and also intersperses excerpts from Lotto’s plays that he has written. 

So, yeah, this book was a little rough to get through. I don’t mind books where the characters are flawed, but it’s hard when they don’t have any redeeming qualities. We’ll see when my book club meets; I feel bad that the book wasn’t better.  Considering Amazin named it their book of the year, as did President Obama, I expected something more. 


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