Gone with the Wind

After three nights (hey, it’s over 230 minutes!), we finished Gone with the Wind last night, the sixth movie on our AFI movie list.  I had seen this several times all the way through and read the book as a child, but my husband had never seen it.

The movie, based on Margaret Mitchell’s book, follows the story of Scarlett O’Hara, a Southern belle through her romantic pursuits throughout the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Vivian Leigh plays Scarlett and the movie also stars Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, her third husband and true love.  The film won ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actress and Supporting Actress.

I absolutely love the character of Scarlett, even though recognizing she is obviously flawed.  I like her steadfast determination and her ability to get through even the most difficult situations.  She is so frustrating in her unwillingness to give up pursuing Ashley Wilkes throughout the whole movie and then when she finally realizes that Rhett is the right person for her after all, it is too late.  Even at the end, Scarlett remains determined that she will be able to find a way to win him back.

The set pieces on the film depicting the Old South and the Civil War are amazing.  They must have used hundreds of extras, especially in the scene where all of the Confederate soldiers are injured in the middle of the street.  The movie really captures that period in history.


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