Another evening, another Best Picture nominee.  This time we watched Spotlight, which won the Best Picture award at this year’s Oscars.  The film follows the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team as they investigate, research, and eventually publish evidence relating to the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

I grew up Catholic, went to Catholic school and most of my family is still very Catholic.  While I am now a non-denominational Christian, I still strongly identify with my Catholic upbringing and so this movie was especially poignant.  I have a hard time understanding the motivation behind the individual priests molesting these children.  I can understand the motivation behind the coverup although I obviously am disgusted with it.  I couldn’t believe the numbers that were cited in their research about the percentage of priests that are abusers.

The acting is the movie is phenomenal, especially Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams.  They really pull you into the story and even though I knew where it was going to head (publishing the story), getting there was a great movie.


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