Because Deadpool has gotten so much buzz, I decided to check it out.  I watched it by myself because my husband isn’t generally into superhero movies.  I had heard a lot about it, especially that it wasn’t family friendly, so while the 4 year-old tried to talk me into watching it, I struck out on my own.  It was a good thing too; the language and sex, not to mention the violence, were pretty intense.

Deadpool is a Marvel character whose real name is Wade Wilson.  Played by Ryan Reynolds, he works as a mercenary in New York.  After being diagnosed with cancer, he agrees to undergo an experiment with a secret program to enact dormant mutant genes, which would in turn cure his cancer.  It works and gives him healing power, but Wade also becomes incredibly scarred.  Angered, he sets out to exact revenge on the man who performed the experiment on him.

The gimmick of Deadpool is that the character often breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the audience and cracks jokes.  Most of them are funny and the action sequences are good.  The movie definitely kept my interest, but as I am probably not the demographic it is aimed toward, I didn’t completely see how everyone thinks it is the best movie ever.  If you like superhero movies and want to see something a little difference, definitely check it out…just don’t bring the kids.


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