The Good Dinosaur

I watched The Good Dinosaur with the kids the other night.  They had seen it once in the theatre, but this was the first time I had seen it.  One of the “best” parts about watching the movie with the kids was that I had a running commentary about what was coming next and that I was not to worry about certain parts.

The Good Dinosaur was released by Pixar/Disney in 2015 and the thing that struck me the most was the realistic nature scenes, especially the moving water.  You would never know that it was actually animation and not real film.  The story follows Arlo, a dinosaur who is the smallest in his family on a journey to find his way back home after his father dies in a rather traumatic flood.

The theme of the whole movie is making your mark and Arlo eventually does these through his interactions with different characters he meets along his journey and especially through the care of his pet human, Spot.  I definitely teared up with Arlo and Spot are communicating to each other about their family losses through sticks and drawing in the earth.

I enjoyed the movie a lot and felt it was a good one for the kids.


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