Ojai – Day One

After our Christmas getaway was cancelled due to illness (boo!), my husband and I had planned a quick weekend trip to Ojai for this weekend.  Bonus points for it being Valentine’s Day too.  Traffic was a little brutal, but we made it here in time for a late lunch.  We ate at the Ojai Beverage Company and tried a beer flight and burgers.  I had the 50/50 burger, which was super spicy and delicious.  We went to Bart’s Books, a really cool used bookstore in town and picked up a few for the kids.

We then checked into our hotel, the Ojai Valley Inn.  It is beautiful and exactly the time of place to relax this weekend.  We went straight to the pool for the rest of the afternoon and enjoyed laying in the sun and being in the pool.  We especially enjoyed the frozen berries they brought around to us.

We ate dinner in town at Suzanne’s Cuisine.  It was Italian and had such a cute atmosphere.  We sat in the enclosed patio and looked out on a garden with lights.  We tried the tomato puree soup, the scallops and jumbo shrimp with goat cheese shells, as well as the flourless chocolate cake with ice cream.  Everything was really good and well prepared.  It was a great meal for our first night in Ojai.


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