The Rosie Effect

After finishing The Rosie Project, I dove right in to Graeme Simsion’s second book about Don Tillman and his love, Rosie.  We join them in New York, with Don working at Columbia as a professor and Rosie is working on her medical degree.  Shortly thereafter, Rosie is pregnant.

The book then chronicles Don’s attempts and mishaps in preparing to be a father.  There are many misunderstandings, including a run-in with the police that set up a variety of obstacles for him.  I got a little frustrated with some of these plot points.  It seemed like he could have just explained himself and gotten out of trouble instead.  Rosie becomes convinced that Don has little interest in being a father and they spend most of the book separated from each other.  Because of this, I feel like this book lacked most of the charm of The Rosie Project, which had lovely interactions between the two characters.

I would definitely recommend The Rosie Project, but this second one is a must read only if you absolutely have to know what happens next for Don and Rosie.


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