Singin’ in the Rain

We finally got around to our next movie from the AFI Top 100 list – Singing’ in the Rain.  I love love love this movie.  I watched in several times as a kid and love all of the songs and the dancing and the story itself.  My husband had never seen it and was pretty skeptical over the musical aspect.  It was a hit for him too and he actually laughed out loud at several parts.

The movie was released in 1952 and stars Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Dennis O’Connor.  The movie wasn’t initially the critical success it is today and did not win any Academy Awards.  It contains many famous songs including the title song, Singing’ in the Rain, Make ’em Laugh, and Good Morning.

The story follows Don Lockwood, a famous movie star, as he transitions from silent film star to an actor in “talkie” films.  A challenge presents itself when his leading lady, Lena Lamont, has a horrible voice.  Don, along with his two friends, including his real love interest, Kathy Selden, decide to dub Kathy’s voice over Lena’s voice.  Hilarity ensues.  We had a great rainy morning watching this movie.  Next up…Gone with the Wind.


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