Sick Kids

It is so hard when one of the kids is sick.  It really takes a lot for me to let them stay home from school; they practically have to be on their deathbed.  My four year-old has missed this entire week of school, so you can imagine how bad it has been.  Poor thing had a 103.7 degree fever at the doctor only to be told that it is just a virus and it needs to run its course.  It’s day five now, and we are still running.

Staying at home with a sick kid also means that my life is out of procedures.  Everything happening in my schedule has had to be rearranged, not to mention my six year-old’s obligations.  I have been so thankful this week for good friends and my mom who have stepped up to help.

I had a friend ask me yesterday how I stay so calm most of the time.  This was after a crazy Girl Scout meeting with 15 six and seven year-olds.  It also was probably the first time someone had asked me that.  I told her that it has been something I have really been working on.  Truthfully, I have been practicing my prayers and learning to let the little things go.  Ultimately, God is the one in control.  Girl Scout meetings may not go perfectly, my kids will get sick, but He is the one who has the plan.


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