First Stitch Fix – January 2016

So the idea of Stitch Fix has always intrigued me.  I tend to get stuck in my ways and am always looking to spruce up my wardrobe a bit.  As a stay at home mom, I am pretty casual but I also don’t want to look like a total scrub while out and about and at school pickups.

Here’s how it works: for $20, you get a personal stylist and fill out a questionnaire and then they send you 5 items to try on.  You can keep one, all, or even none and the $20 applies to any purchase.  Shipping is free, as is the return postage.  If you are also intrigued, you can try it: here

Here are the comments I filled out: I have plenty of blue jeans already, so I really don’t need any additional ones.  I am really looking for a few new pieces to liven up what I perceive as a boring wardrobe and look a little more put together.  Thanks!

My box came today and I was pretty excited with what I received:

1. Honey Punch – Layla Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan – $48


I love this and am definitely keeping it.  The material is super soft and I think it’s pretty flattering.  It will go with a lot of what I already have.

2. Bancroft – Trisha Clover Charm Layering Necklace – $32


I liked this okay.  I probably would have preferred a rose gold to a yellow gold, but ultimately, I prefer more simpler necklaces, so this one is going back.

3.  RD Style – Calandra Side Button Hooded Poncho – $68


This one is going back too.  I just feel like I am swimming in it and it makes me look bigger than I am.  I guess ponchos aren’t for me.  I do appreciate trying things I wouldn’t ordinarily gravitate toward though.

4. Danial Rainn – Koda Split Neck Blouse – $68


I actually really liked this blouse and probably would have kept it but I already have a cardigan in the exact pattern.  This blouse is polyester and I would have preferred a cotton blend, which would have been softer.

5. Level 99 – Giovanni Straight Leg Jean – $108


True to my requests, I wasn’t sent blue jeans.  Instead I got these awesome mint green skinny jeans.  I love love love them and they fit perfectly.  This was definitely a winner.

So overall, two out of five isn’t bad and I felt like they understood my style fairly well.  I will try another box for sure and see what comes next!  If you are interested, check out the  referral link: Click here to try Stitch Fix!


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