I just finished the book Longbourn by Jo Baker a 2013 retelling of Pride and Prejudice, but told from the perspective of the servants downstairs in the Bennett household.  I am pretty much a sucker for anything Pride and Prejudice related, and this has been on my iPad for awhile.

Overall, I enjoyed it, although it seemed to drag in some spots.  The main character, Sarah, is relatable and I found myself rooting for her in her quest to find love.  I wish that there had been more interaction with the characters from Pride and Prejudice.  The author takes some liberties with existing characters; one example is the fact that Mrs. Hill, the cook from downstairs had an affair with Mr. Bennett before he was married and they had a son. Mary is also heartbroken when Mr. Collins decides to marry Charlotte Lucas after being rejected by Elizabeth.  These types of character insights are intriguing and I wish there had been more of them instead of the long descriptions of the workload done by the servants.

If you are huge fan of Pride of Prejudice, you will probably enjoy this book and the new insights it brings.  If you haven’t read the original or do not like it, I would skip this one.


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