The Godfather

Up second in our AFI Top 100 list was The Godfather.  This is one of, if not at the top of the list of, my husband’s favorite movies, so he had obviously seen it many times.  While I have seen parts (and played the video game years ago), I had never seen it all the way through.  My expectations were not very high; I typically don’t love violent mobster movies, but it was super enjoyable and kept moving with exciting plots.  Made in 1972, it won three Academy Awards, for Best Picture, Best Actor for Marlon Brando, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

I found myself rooting for Michael Corleone, even though he makes some deplorable choices during the movie.  I think that is really a testament to Al Pacino’s acting.  On the one hand, we should want him to not get involved in his family’s mob dealings, but on the other hand, he is clearly the best person for the job.  I wish that Diane Keaton, who portrays his girlfriend, had not been quite so naive.  There is a part toward the end where she asks Michael if he had his brother-in-law killed (he did), and he tells her no.  She blindly believes him and is so relieved.

There are some great lines in this movie – “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse” and “Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.”

I know that The Godfather, Part II is also on the AFI list, so we’ll be looking forward to that in the future.


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