Longqing Gorge and Ming Tombs

We started our day with a drive out to the Longqing Gorge, which is normally a summer and winter resort area for Beijingers. We went up a large escalator inside a dragon on the side of the moutain and arrived at the boat dock. We took a boat ride through the gorge and enjoyed the scenery and mountains. 

We stopped off at the Diamond Temple to see the Buddha there and then took the boat back to the dock. We went with our guide to another local restaurant and he ordered some interesting items this time, including pig intestines. No thanks on that one, but the glass noodles were so good. 

After lunch we toured the Ming Tombs, which have been uncovered and opened to the public. We went through the Dingling tomb, which had been ransacked during the a Cultural Revolution. It was still amazingly to see the structure they built. 

After a rest at the hotel, we went to a hutong for diner at TRB, one of the newest restaurants in Beijing. It is seriously my new favorite restaurant. They greeted us with champagne and appetizers before we even ordered and then kept brining out thugs between courses too. My favorite was prosecco poured over lemon ice. We clearly saved the best for our last night in Beijing. 


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