Beijing Day Three

We started out our third day in Beijing by visiting the Lama Temple, a large Buddhist temple in the hutong district. It was interesting to watch the people burn incense and make offerings to Buddha. 

For lunch we took a cooking class as learned to make garlic broccoli, pepper beef, and beef stir fry noodles. Everything was so delicious and we also got to takeu e recipes home. 

After lunch we toured the Forbidden City complex. I couldn’t believe how large it was. We kept going through more and more courtyards! The architecture is beautiful though and it was amazing how much they were able to build. 

We went back to the hutong area and took a rickshaw ride around the narrow alleyways. We stopped off at a typical home there and got to see the courtyard and houses. The rain had held out so far but then the skies opened up and it started pouring. We got back into the rickshaw and had a soaking ride back to our car. It was fun and luckily not too long. 

We had dinner reservations not too far away so we decided to wait out the rain in Starbucks until dinner. Unfortunately our guide showed us the old location of the restaurant so when we showed up, it was closed. We walked around for a bit and found Peking Cafe, and had some pizza and pasta before taking the subway back to the hotel. 


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