Beijing Day One

Every year, my husband and I get away for a week without the kids. We heard a sermon once that it is essential to do this to maintain a healthy marriage and we completely agree. We take turns picking the place and this year it was his choice. 

We arrived in Beijing early this morning and luckily our hotel had our room ready so we were able to shower and change before hitting our day of sightseeing. Starting tomorrow we will have a guide with us, but we were on our own today. The language barrier was brutal; very few people speak English so asking for directions was almost impossible. 

We took the subway to Tiananmen Square and marveled at all the people. We toured the National Museum and really enjoyed the Ancient China exhibit.  After finding some questionable food for lunch, we went through Prince Gong’s Mansion, an example of a courtyard complex in the hutong area. 

Finally, we walked through the Silk Market and also got foot massages there. They were much needed. We are headed out to dinner tonight to Dadong Roast Duck, which is supposedly one of the best places to eat Peking Duck. I hope it’s good because I am starving!


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