Hearing the Voice of God

Habakkuk provides a 5-step model for hearing the voice of God:

  1. Go off by yourself
  2. Be silent
  3. Read the Word of God
  4. Write down what God tells you
  5. Review it

I feel like I am pretty good with 3 through 5.  I read and listen to God’s Word, I journal and I talk about it with my small group and others.  What I really struggle with though is being completely silent.  I mean, even when I shower, I am listening to a podcast or music most of the time.  It’s the same thing when I run.  It’s like I’m afraid of just being silent, like I would be wasting time or something.

How is God really supposed to speak to me if I am constantly busy and noisy?  As a busy mom, I don’t have a lot of time to just sit and be still.  There is always something to do…house to be cleaned, kids to get ready, or one of the hundred other things that has to get done.  I know that I need to make sitting still and listening and praying to God a true priority in my life.  Sometimes setting large goals can be overwhelming, so I am going to start small.  Twice a week, I am going to just sit and be still in the morning…no television, no laptop, no music, and (hopefully) no kids.  I am confident that God has a lot to say to me if I would just sit and listen.


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