From the Mountain to the Desert

1 Kings 18-19 tells the story of Elijah, God’s prophet, in the time of King Ahab.  The Israelites had begun to drift away from God, instead worshipping the gods of the people around them.  God sent Elijah to lead the people back to Him and Elijah tells the people that they cannot waiver between gods.  They have to choose.  God cannot be our backup plan.  We need to be fully committed to Him in every aspect of our lives.

Elijah tells the false gods prophets to get two bulls ready for sacrifice and to call on their gods to set fire to their bull.  After praying all day and even slashing themselves, Bael’s prophets are unsuccessful.  Then, Elijah prays and God sets his bull on fire.  The people believe and cry out that God is the true God.  Elijah must have been on such a high from that moment, bringing all the people back to God.

This high didn’t last for long because Ahab and his wife threaten to kill him and Elijah has to run away.  He sat under a bush in the desert and prayed for God to kill him.  What a difference a few days makes…going from a high on the mountain, to a low point in the desert.  In the desert, an angel came to Elijah and tells him to eat and drink.  He traveled for forty days and eventually met with God in the form of a gentle whisper.

The whole idea of this is that we cannot escape the desert moments in our lives.  There will always be failures…not every moment can be the high on the mountain bringing people to God.  However, it is at these desert times that God often speaks to us, often in the form of a gentle whisper.


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