More Seattle Fun

We had another great day sightseeing in Seattle today. We actually slept in (at least for us) before having breakfast at Relish, the cafe in our hotel.  We walked down to Pike’s Place Market and wandered around for a bit, seeing the fish being thrown and putting gum on the gum wall.

After that, we toured the Seattle Aquarium, which was really well done.  We saw jelly fish, an awesome octopus, touch tanks, and tons of fish.  We took a break and went out on a harbor cruise to see the skyline from the water.  It was really warm today, so about halfway through, we went and found some indoor seats on the boat, which was a good plan considering the kids’ energy was dropping a bit.

We ate lunch at the Crab Pot at the pier.  My salmon tacos were great…I think I have had seafood for every meal, but I’m not complaining.  After lunch, we went back to finish up the exhibits at the aquarium and had fun watching the seals and otters play.  We got some homemade ice cream as a fun treat and then walked back to our hotel for a rest break.

My husband took the kids to the pool again late this afternoon and then we all had dinner at Dahlia Lounge, which was one of the filming locations in Sleepless in Seattle.  The food was amazing.  We tried the peking duck, crab cakes, buffalo cauliflower and the doughnut dessert.  We have tomorrow morning in Seattle before our flight back home in the late afternoon.  We have had a great time as a family together this week.


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