Olympic National Forest

Day two of our Washington adventure began with breakfast here at the lodge and then we loaded up in the car to drive to the Hoh Rainforest. After a two hour drive, which I thought was only going to be an hour, and a quick stop in Forks for a Twilight photo op, we arrived.

We did the Hall of Mosses trail, an easy 0.8 mile loop with the kids. The trees almost looked primeval. They were covered in moss and looked completely undiscovered. The kids did great again and loved blazing the trail.

We stopped for lunch at a nearby cafe called Hard Rain Cafe. My salmon burger wasn’t horrible, but the normal burger and the turkey sandwich were awful. The kids were good sports and perked up after we let them get licorice for dessert.

Back at Lake Crescent, we rented a canoe for an hour and took the kids out on the lake. They each took a turn paddling and we had a great time enjoying the clear blue water. Unbelievably, they still had some energy, so we did a quick 0.6 mile trail called Moments in Time. Highlights were the lake views, a meadow with wildflowers, and a mossy bench.

We ate dinner at the lodge, which was wonderful. The salad, soup, halibut and steak (and cobbler) were all excellent. My husband built a lakeside fire outside our cabin and we let the kids roast s’mores after dinner. It was so peaceful to sit and enjoy the lake and the smell of the fire.


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