Lake Crescent

Today is the start of our summer family vacation. Going away just the four of us is getting to be more rare, so it is so nice to have a week just to bond as a family.

We decided to go to Washington state this year. Last year’s southwest road trip went so well with the kids loving the national parks, we thought we would do something similar. We flew into Seattle this morning, rented a car, and drove two and a half hours to Olympic National Forest. We are staying at the Lake Crescent Lodge, in a Roosevelt cabin. It’s nice when we can have a separate sleeping area for the kids.  Everyone just sleeps better that way.

We immediately set out on a two mile hike to Marymere Falls, a 90 foot waterfall in the forest. The kids did great and loved the hike and going over bridges. It was the perfect amount of time for them.

Our cabin is right on the lake, so the kids goofed off in the shallow water while my husband and I say in chairs watching them. It was so peaceful and we both commented that this is how it should be. Neither kid wanted electronics…they were just content to play and throw rocks.

We drove to the Log Cabin Resort for dinner. The food was pretty good but way expensive. I guess when you are one of the only places around, that’s what you get.

The kids are in bed now and my husband went over to find some internet to check work emails. I am sitting her listening to the lake sounds and watching the sun go down. This is how it should be.


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