Own It

I am really bad at admitting when I’m wrong. It’s always been something that I have struggled with…I just hate facing the fact that I’m not perfect and especially admitting that to someone else.

It’s especially a problem in the context of a marriage.  My husband is great at saying he is sorry but it takes me awhile to come around to it. This is a part of human nature. Even back in Genesis, with the first man and woman, Adam had a hard time admitting when he did wrong. He blamed both Eve and God for what he did instead of owning it.

One of the things I am focusing on now in my constant quest to improve myself is taking ownership when I screw up. I need to own it. I need to truly mean it when I apologize and try to see the situation from the other person’s point of view. Now only will I better myself as a person but I will have a stronger marriage as well.


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