Enjoying the Moment

One of my greatest struggles is being able to just sit back and enjoy the moment.  My mind is constantly racing, thinking about what is coming next or what I have to get done.  My husband is great about staying in the moment and if you asked him, this would probably be the thing he would most want to change about me.

Today was a perfect example of this.  Our son was invited to one of his best friend’s birthday party at 11:00 am today.  We responded weeks ago and our whole family was planning on going because our daughter is best friends with the older sister.  Earlier this week, we found out that our son’s t-ball closing ceremonies would be at 11:30 am where he would be receiving his very first trophy.  Like the crazy person I am, I was convinced we could do both.  We would hit up the ceremonies and then cruise to the party, albeit a little late.

The whole t-ball ceremony, however, I was worried about getting to the party.  How much longer was it going to take?  Was their mom upset with me that we tried to do both activities?  Why wasn’t the coach passing out the trophies more quickly?

This of course led to snippy comments toward my husband and my complete inability to stay in the moment.  We made it to the party just fine, by the way, just in time for bounce house fun and cupcakes.  Going through the pictures of the t-ball ceremonies later this afternoon and seeing my son’s little face, so happy with his team, I do feel this sense of regret…regret that I couldn’t have had a more positive attitude.  My daughter’s 6ht birthday is this week, and I truly want to not have the same regrets.  It’s something I will definitely be in prayer about in the next few days.


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